Hello World and Welcome!


What is this blog about?  PLANT BASED FOOD, plant based diet (vegan) food preparation, whether it’s cooked or non-cooked (raw).

This is the beginning of great things…

I have always loved food, i’m a food-aholic, I love lookng at ood, the colours, the wonder, the vibrancy, the whole magic and of course the finished product, the creation.  I got this from my mom. My mom, was a Chef working at some of the best hotels in my home country, she did provate events and she also had her own business. So naturally I gravitated towards this, I just love being in the kitchen, being in the zone, creating, making, baking, prepping and serving, this gives me peace, this is fun, the smell the colours, I love it all. Using my hands comes naturally and it is one of the ways I express my love for people, my heart sings with joy when I am able to put a smile on other peoples faces, or when I see the look on the faces of those that eat my food, that satisfied, oooh wow look.

It all truly started for me when I started a raw vegan 80-10-10 diet, I wanted my food to look good, although to be honest one can never make nature look any better than it already does, but I wanted my food to look as good or better than cooked food, I wanted people to say “really?? This is raw?? and How did you make that,” it was a game I think I started to play with myself, because I believe and every good chef would say that we all eat with our eyes first, so with  that in mind I wanted to spice up the raw dishes, make them look as appealing as the cooked food, give them variations, instead of having a common lettuce, tomato salad, let’s have the same thing but present it differently.

My creative genius took over in the kitchen with the raw food and since then, I have just experimented with different food combinations to find the ones that work well. For me food needs to look good, taste good and digest well. I ate raw for 2 years and went back to eating cooked vegan, trying to keep it as low fat as possible. This change wasn’t planned, it just sorta happened, and I am quite fine with that. It was necessary, not being able to find the fruits and vegetables I had grown accustomed to in a much more tropical environment after moving to a colder climate, cooked vegan was best for me, I do not regret my decision as I am not attached to food in any way, no matter how much I love to make it and share it. I encourage you to follow your heart and go with what best serves you.

So, after being asked over and over for recipes, I welcome you to enjoy the food I love to make and the favorite recipes my partner (Owen) loves. All the recipes will be vegan/vegetarian where ever possible. I decided to also cater for those with allergies so most of my recipes are gluten free , wheat free, can be nut free especially the non-cooked foods.

Please note that I cook by taste or prep by taste, measurements go out the door with me, accept for baking and even sometimes with baking I can get away with just by eye balling things. This is how my mom cooks, she never measures anything and the joke in our house is never ask mommy for a recipe she will give measurements like this ” a bit of this, a dash of this, a little of this, add in this, not too much, watch this” my mom, got to love her. In my opinion cooking like this is the best way to cook/prep because you are truly getting into it and cooking from your heart instead of mechanically following a recipe and damning yourself if doesn’t come out “right”.

I like to use all or nearly all of my senses when cooking. Imagine if you were blind, what recipe would you be following? Do not rely on one sense alone, be open and trust yourselves.  I usually follow written recipes one time or just use them as a guideline.

Also note that most of these are my own personal recipes , the others are born  from inspirations from my many cook books (which I am obsessed with collecting) or recipes found online, most of them modified to my liking. I will give credit where credit is due and do not intend to claim any as my own which are not.

Welcome again and please enjoy!



15 thoughts on “Hello World and Welcome!

  1. Hey Sally…. I love your support of a healthy diet….. Ha Ha Ha Here’s one…. I imagined you reading this page … in your cool accent…. from the videos w/Owen!!! Fun… thanks for posting will be following …. :)

  2. Hi Sally and best of success in all of your ventures. I know you and Owen a few years now from Dr. Morse FB page. You are always in my heart, you and Owen, as I know the purest love flows from you both. Much love.

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